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Universal In-Ear monitors

Emtech Diamond Series Single Driver Universal In-Ear monitors include: 1 Set of single driver monitors, small/medium/large Comply Tips, micro fiber cleaning cloth, wax loop/brush, airplane jack 3/16" to 1/8" adapter, carrying case with attached carabineer. Each set of Comply tips come with a wax guard. A 680-ohm filter is also installed in each monitor nozzle to aid in protecting the monitors. Emtech Diamond Series monitors have up to 25dB ambient sound reduction. This is the level of ambient (surrounding area) sound that is blocked by the provided Comply Tips.




Custom fit, personal HearSavers are the most comfortable of all hearing protectors. They are exact replicas of the ear. Many people have unusually shaped canals, which make the comfortable fitting and wearing of standard or disposable earplugs difficult if not impossible to wear for long periods of time. Because HearSavers are custom, the proper depth and placement of the protector is controlled by the mold itself. Custom fit hearing protection actually saves money because there is no need to buy disposable plugs and the HearSavers last for years. Emtech offers 4 styles of HearSavers.



Custom earplug features a Sonic Valve with aluminum body which contains an acoustic valve that will close upon impact of loud noise. Designed for hunting, the custom earpiece allows the user to hear clearly until a weapon is fired in which the valve closes and gives the user hearing protection for gunfire or other loud noise. Made from Emplex II material gives you many color choices and have the durability of a silicone material. Sonic earplugs come with a plastic carrying case.



Water in your ears is no fun, especially if you have chronic swimmer's ear, ruptured or perforated ear drums, or modified middle ear systems. AquaSeal Custom Floatable Swim Plugs mean you can swim, flip, do handstands and enjoy all types of water-even snow. AquaSeal Swim Plugs are colorful, they float, and they're comfortable. You can match your soul, your swimsuit or your surfboard. For AquaSeal Custom Floatable Swim Plugs. 

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